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Launching of CoLi Unlimite Packages Rollout

October 01, 2020

CoLi Link has announced a new set of unlimited "mix and max" internet pricing plans that will let you, your family, and businesses potentially each choose from across 5 internet plans. Each Customer may have to do a little bit of work to sort through the details and determine just which plan might make the most sense for them. These new plans replaced CoLi's previous pricing lineup(Home, Regular, Basic, Standard, Business & Office).

The new plans, which were launched and rolled out on the 13th of August start at GHC50 & end at the GHC300 price mark go by the names CoLi Plus Mini, CoLi Value, CoLi Plus, CoLi Plus Extra & CoLi Office. These plans were rolled out to suit every working class's needs. The idea of data exhausting before the desired due date has been a major headache to many customers who frequently rely on the internet for work & entertainment. These new UNLIMITED plans have no data nor bandwidth caps. However, each UNLIMITED plan has different shared bandwidth speeds. Find the details below:- *CoLi Plus Mini goes for GHC 50 per week with a bandwidth speed up to 10Mbps which is suitable for 5 connected devices only. *CoLi Value goes for GHC 100 per month with a shared bandwidth speed up to 8Mbps suitable for 2 connected devices only. *CoLi Plus goes for GHC150 per month with a shared bandwidth speed up to 15Mbps suitable for 10 connected devices. *CoLi Extra goes for GHC 200 for 60 days with a shared bandwidth speed up to 10Mbps suitable for 5 connected devices. *CoLi Office goes for GHC300 per month with a shared bandwidth up to 15Mbps suitable for more than 10 connected devices To pick a plan more conventionally, you can pore through the details of the various plans at our website by clicking on "Packages". When it comes to UNLIMITED plans, the Internet Servicer Provider industry has been in something of a holding pattern as the market waits to see what happens with other Internet Service Providers offering UNLIMITED plans as well. Though these new plans are quite affordable & cost slightly less than any other Internet Service Provider in Ghana, CoLi Link has always marketed itself as having the best network rather than having the most cheapest unlimited plans in Ghana.